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Less Effort, More Money | The New Way To Set Up A Mineral Water Plant

We've set up nearly 16 different packaged drinking water factories across 5 states in the last 22 years with our own money, time and investment. We've bottled and sold everything from 200ml bottles to 20L jars, conducted extensive research on water purification and even formulated a mineral water that is one of the richest available in India. We were one of the first players in the country to own and operate the industry-leading bottle blowing machines from Nissei in Japan and Sidel in France. If you look, you'll find that members of our team either previously worked for or currently work for Coca - Cola, PepsiCo, Bisleri, Evian and other beverage giants. In the early 2000s, PepsiCo even awarded our chief promoter Mr. Vikram Doshi the title of "The Father of the Mineral Water Industry."

In all these years of experience, we've learned two things:

1. There is no other business as lucrative as packaged drinking water.

2. It's easy to break even but difficult to profit.

There is no other business as lucrative as packaged drinking water. It's (1) high margin (2) high volume (3) extremely fast growing (4) repeat purchase (5) non-perishable and (6) uses practically no raw materials.

It's easy to break even but difficult to make money. Managing local competition, replying to municipality notices, maintaining track of assets and accounts, dealing with local labor unions and staff absenteeism, fixing asset breakdowns and addressing logistics challenges take so much time and money, that what is left on the table is not worth the effort.

Here is something we've observed time and time again in this space: Most entrepreneurs in bottled water start off as business owners, but slowly convert into administrative managers. The focus shifts from growing the business, to maintaining the business.

We believe there is a better way to navigate this market, and so we set up HaTa Bevtech to help water entrepreneurs make more money with less effort.

Our proposition: If you've got space, access to a raw water source and an interest in starting a packaged drinking water plant - we'll set up a world-class factory and manage your operations. Accounting, quality control, machine maintenance, asset tracking, consumable purchases and compliances will no longer be your concern.

You focus on growing the business, and we'll handle the rest.

Note: We currently offer 300 bottles/hour and 600 bottles/hour lines for 20L Jars. To learn more, please write to

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