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  • Harsh Doshi

Mineral Water Plant | Setting Up A Quality Facility

Most Indian vendors speak of quality of their plant and machinery to justify higher prices for their equipment.

Let me be clear: water treatment and bottling machinery is just fabrication of steel, combined with off-the-shelf valves, pumps and meters. In fact, the filling and treatment equipment is so straightforward, that we have always purchased equipment from our vendors by pricing it on a per kilo basis*, by weighing how much steel has been used in the machine.

When Indian vendors speak of quality, they are either discussing quality of spare parts or finishing. This does increase their cost (and in turn yours) but only provides better plant uptime (parts keep working in good condition). When it comes to setting up a world-class plant, that's not all we need.

When we discuss quality, this is what we optimize:

1) It's not worth cutting corners.

Products being bottled on our lines comply with all BIS and FSSAI regulations in quality and quantity, with automatic notifications if something is wrong.

2) A day of lost production, is a day of lost money.

If something goes wrong, any piece of equipment should be replaced/fixed without stopping other parts of the line so your production goes on.

3) The factory should never stop you from growing your business.

Our lines are easily upgradable to (1) meet the requirements to bottle for a beverage giant like Coca Cola, PepsiCo or Bisleri and (2) improve capacity, without adding any other piece of equipment.

4) You should feel proud of giving your friends, children or clients a tour.

Each equipment is given a mirror finish, and designed keeping drainage in mind so you never get wet, flooded floors or rusty looking equipment.

Note: We currently offer 300 bottles/hour and 600 bottles/hour lines for 20L Jars. To learn more, please write to

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