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  • Harsh Doshi

Oxford Report: Indian Packaged F&B among the unhealthiest

An Oxford report published earlier this month showed that Indian shelves are packed with some of the unhealthiest packaged foods and beverages available anywhere in the world.

The reasons are structural: limited supervision by authorities, unhealthy regulatory practices, a very price-conscious market and a very low degree of awareness are some factors to blame.

Unsurprisingly, FSSAI responded strongly with new regulation that removes minimum requirements on TSS - commonly used as a proxy for sugar. This step to eliminate sugar comes at a very good time, and is likely only the first step towards creating a far healthier food and beverages market.

At HaTa, we're committed to improving the food and beverage market by working with entrepreneurs to bring several wellness innovations to customers across India. We're also very sustainable in our approach: using re-usable glass bottles instead of single-use plastic. Write to us if you're interested in working with us!

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