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  • Harsh Doshi

High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) Machines Installed In India

One of the more popular (but prohibitively expensive) means of non-thermal pasteurization is high pressure pasteurization, otherwise known as HPP. While the in-pack, non-contact, non-thermal method of pasteurization has found several takers in the US and Europe, the technology is make slow in-roads into India.

By our count, there are currently four high pressure pasteurization machines installed in India. The list of the owners and their locations is given below. Note: Given how dynamic this market is, and the sheer aggressiveness of beverage entrepreneurs, we won't be surprised if we've missed a few! If you know of any other companies with a high pressure pasteurization or HPP machine, do let us know in the comments below or by mailing the information to If you'd like the contact details of any of the companies listed below, drop us a line on the aforementioned email ID, and we'll get back to you at the earliest.

Rakyan Beverages

More commonly known by their brand, RAW Pressery, Rakyan Beverages was one of the first movers for high pressure pasteurization machines in India, and have an HPP machine installed at their unit in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. Unconfirmed reports suggest they've increased their capacity by adding another HPP machine.


The publicly listed company has recently forayed into cold-pressed juices under the brand Second Nature, and use HPP to stabilize their products and get good shelf life. Their high pressure pasteurization machine is set up at their expansive unit in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Farm Pressed

Run by a young and dynamic entrepreneur, Farm Pressed is yet another player in cold-pressed juices (and now frozen fruit juices) segment. This high pressure pasteurization machine is set up at their facility in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

Rus Organic

Run by another young and dynamic entrepreneur, Rus Organic is a first mover in 100% certified organic juices, and has an HPP machine installed at their unit in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. There are unconfirmed reports of yet another installation of a high pressure pasteurization machine in Sangli, Maharashtra but we haven't been able to validate this. Note: We intend on updating this page regularly. Several entrepreneurs / researchers don't have access to this type of information, and this prevents them from taking their novel innovations to market. Help us keep this page up to date! Write to us on if you come across data on any other company with an HPP installation. Feel free to write to us if you would like contact details of the any of the companies listed above.

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