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  • Harsh Doshi

Beverage Co-Packing in Glass Vs. Plastic

It shouldn't come as a surprise that most firms that provide beverage co-packing services prefer plastic.

1. It occupies less space than glass, since plastic is moved around as pellet which are blown in bottles.

2. It's lighter to manage that glass, and doesn't run the risk of breaking.

3. It's cheaper than glass, and that means far less working capital tied up in packaging material inventory.

Plastic really is a miracle substance but biodegradable or not, there is a very serious and a very real cry to limit plastic as much as possible. At HaTa Bevtech, we are beverage co-packers that champion and support the trend away from plastic. If more beverage co-packing service providers offer alt-plastic materials, more entrepreneurs would have a choice in what to choose.

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