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Beverage Co-Packing
In Glass Bottles Is Here.

We co-pack innovative ready-to-drink beverages in glass bottles with ring pull caps.

Beverage Co-Packing Line

24,000 sq. ft facility
With state of the art kitchen for processing of real fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs

Fully Automated Plant
For blending, pasteurizing, filling and packaging of glass bottles 

Zero Compromise on Quality
Experienced, in-house QC team with full scale microbial lab 

Beverage Co-Packing Facility

Offering Beverage Co-Packing Services In Glass Bottles For

Ready To Drink Coffee

Ready To Drink

Ready To Drink Tea

Ready To Drink

Herbal Juice


Processed in
Virtually Aseptic Conditions

We've gone the extra mile in ensuring minimal microbial load and maximum preservation of taste and aroma across our preparation, blending, pasteurizing and filling processes.

Beverage Co-Packing Tracking
Beverage Co-Packing Designing

Packed in 
Customized Glass Bottles

From 100ml to 750ml, we help design, prototype and procure customized glass bottles to create your distinctive brand identity.  `

Sealed with
Ring Pull Caps

Self-open and virtually leak-proof, ring pull caps are closures of the future. With glass bottles and ring pull caps, we don't compromise when it comes to the richness of your brand.

Ring Pull Cap

Looking for beverage
co-packing services? 

Ready to drink coffee, tea, juice, herbal products or probiotics - we'd love to offer our beverage co-packaging services to bring your product to market. Write to us and we'll get back!

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Currently offering beverage co-packing services in glass bottles with ring pull caps to clients across Maharashtra and Gujarat

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